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The cosiest terraced home in Macc

A popular property with the old weavers of Macclesfield. It's a good job fuel was cheap in those days and carbon emissions meant burnt toast, because it would be difficult to design a less efficient building. When you've solid walls and a hollow roof radiating heat to the street, and no ventilation to speak of in one of the wettest towns in the country, the good news is there's lots of room for improvement.

Particular issues with this property were a 'freezing cold' top floor due to insufficient insulation in the vaulted ceilings, freezing cold 4" thick exterior walls unsuitalbe for cavity insulation, and the usual damp and mould which is common place in Macclesfield. Solarcrest's 'whole house' package included an airtight, super-insulated roof, exterior wall insulation and cladding and a low energy positive pressure ventilation system. We also insulated a couple of flat roofs from above, fixed the rainwater goods and generally sorted any impending exterior maintenance issues while the scaffolding was up. All being well this house will need little if any exterior maintenance for another 20 years.

Solarcrest also facilitated a 4,000 cashback cheque from the Green Deal scheme (now deceased).


The single biggest improvement has been the roof insulation which has transformed the top room of the house from the coldest in the property, especially during the winter months, to the warmest, with the ventilation system helping to transfer the heat to other rooms, making it a more consistent temperature, as well as filtering out airborne dust and pollen with the humidity in the bathroom also kept down, leaving the house feeling very comfortable.

We have a warmer property without having to turn up the thermostat, and we have noticed that the boiler needs to fire less to maintain the higher temperature. It is especially noticeable in autumn and spring, as it needs to be colder outside for us to need to use the heating at all.

The external render has also left the exterior of the property looking very smart and modern. It feels like we have moved into a newer, warmer house with cheaper gas bills!

Visits to a friend who lives in a similar property have reminded me about how cold our home used to feel before we had the renovation work completed. They have also visited us and have been very impressed.

We were very pleased with the entire process from start to finish. We had agreed that the installation would take place in different sections, but it was still kept within a very reasonable time frame. It was a very wet winter, which slowed things down a little, but Solarcrest kept me well informed throughout the work.

56% off the bills, 25% off the carbon footprint..

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