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LED Replacement Lighting
The easy way to cut your bills and your footprint

Electricity is not only becoming more and more expensive, producing it is highly carbon intensive. Generating just 1833 units (kWh), around £180 on a domestic electricity bill, will emit one tonne of CO2. Reducing your consumption is therefore good for your pocket as well as the environment. Switching to LED lighting is arguably the easiest and most effective way to cut your bills and your carbon footprint.

For example, swap just 12 standard 40w light bulbs for 20 ultra efficient 2.5w LED bulbs to provide a similar amount of light, run them for 10 hours a day for 12 months, then instead of changing 3 bulbs a year you'll be changing 1 bulb every 10-12 years. In the first year you’ll recover your initial capital investment. Over the next decade you could save over £2000 in electricity and bulbs and over 8 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Now imagine what you could save with a complete LED refit.

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what are LED lightsWhat exactly are LED's?

LED's or Light Emitting Diodes are all around us, in our TV's, appliances, vehicles and just about anything else with a 'power on' light. Traditionally small, extremely low powered and very long lasting, LED's are now being clustered together into standard light bulb housings to create ultra efficient direct replacement lighting. The economic and environmental benefits of LED technology are so impressive the UK Government is getting excited and market leaders like Phillips have already dropped their compact fluorescent CFL research in favour of LED. They know the future of lighting can only be LED lighting.

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about LED tube lightingAbout LED Tube Lighting

All our tube products use only the latest solid-state, surface mount LEDs. Our LED tube lighting products meet CE & RoHS standards and are manufactured under ISO/TUV accreditation. This means that we have direct lines of traceability for our products ensuring quality assurance standards are met.

They are covered by a three year manufacturer repair or replacement warranty, regardless of how many hours used or times the tube/lamp may have been switched on or off during this 36 month period.

The advantages of LED tube Lighting over traditional methods of lighting are numerous. Our LED Tube is a direct replacement for a T5/T8 or T10 fluorescent tubes. It uses solid state LED technology and is available as standard in a pure white colour temperature. LED Tube saves energy with no loss of light. It lasts over 3 times longer so additional savings are achieved in capital, labour and administration costs normally associated with regularly having to replace tubes, starters and ballasts all of which are eliminated through the installation of LED Tubes.

Another important benefit of LED Lighting is that no ultra violet (UV) light is produced. UV light is not only potentially hazardous to people, but it damages materials, fading colours in fabrics and artwork.

Our LED Tubes contain no glass, no phosphor, no mercury, and no lead, all typically found in fluorescent tubes, so they can be more easily and safely recycled with all the associate cost and environmental savings achieved. With their life expectancy of over three times that of fluorescents, Our LED Tubes result in considerably less waste products and they are WEEE directive compliant.

Before the development of LED technology there were simply no other choices. Now, everyone can reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

  • Reduced electricity consumption (typically 65%)
  • LED Tubes last typically 3 times longer than fluorescents
  • Less waste products and WEEE directive compliant
  • No flicker or hum
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduced heat output
  • Qualifies for Government First Year Capital Allowance Scheme
  • Carbon Trust Funding available for qualifying SME's
  • Meets CE & RoHS standards and manufactured under ISO accreditation
  • No toxic chemicals (fluorescent tubes contain phosphor, mercury and lead)
  • No UV light – saves human health and material damage: shops, museums, galleries etc
  • Carries three year guarantee

benefits of LED lightsWhat are the top 3 benefits of LED lighting?

  1. LED replacement light bulbs use around 90% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, and around 50% less than 'low energy' compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL's). Based on electricity saving alone, LED bulbs normally pay for themselves in 6-12 months.

  2. Thanks to their simple proven design and miniscule energy requirements, LED's are typically rated to last up to 50,000 hours. If illuminated for 6 hours/day it could be over 20 years before you need to change an LED light bulb. CFL's are rated for 6000-8000 hours, long life bulbs for 2000 and traditional incandescent bulbs for 1000. Considering the cost of manufacturing, shipping and fitting 50 traditional light bulbs compared to one LED bulb, the economic and environmental benefits of LED lighting are huge.

  3. LED light bulbs are more recyclable than any other type of light bulb. Unlike a low energy compact fluorescent they contain no Mercury or other toxic materials to contaminate the ground if they do end up in landfill.

the cost of LEDsShould you wait until prices come down?

When cheap 'low energy' compact fluorescent bulbs are available for pence rather than pounds, thanks to heavy Government enforced subsidies from utility providers, the initial cost of purchasing LED light bulbs may at first seem high. However, when you consider your initial capital investment could be recovered in 6-12 months through electricity savings alone, and the LED bulbs you're installing are greener and could last 10 or even 20 years, far longer than any other type of bulb, it pays to switch to LED lighting sooner rather than later.

Why wait when you could start saving now? See our LED running cost comparison

Carbon trust loans for LEDsSwitching your business to LED? Need an interest free loan?

The Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit organisation which is tasked by the Government with reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. To do so they provide financial incentives to businesses in the form of 0% interest free loans from £3,000 to £100,000, which are repaid through the savings you make on utility bills as a result of your green investment, subject to meeting their carbon reduction criteria. For every two tonnes of CO2 emissions you avoid per year they will lend you £1000.

So why mention this under 'LED Lighting'? Simple, of all the utility services your receive, 'electricity' is one of the most carbon intensive in terms of production. For this reason the Carbon Trust are very keen to help you reduce electricity consumption. Other than changing your behaviour and the behaviour of your staff, one of the easiest and least cost options in terms of energy efficient Retrofit is to switch to LED lighting.

Lets say for instance you're able to replace 100 standard 30w incandescent light bulbs with 100 LED replacement bulbs, which consume only 2.5w each. If the bulbs are illuminated for 12 hours/day 265 days/year, the total electricity saving would be a whopping 12,000 kilowatts per annum. To produce 12,000kw a typical power station would emit over 6 tonnes of CO2. Reducing your electricity consumption by this amount therefore entitles you to a £3000 interest free loan, which is potentially 2-3 times more than you need to replace the bulbs.

The net result? Compared to 100 standard 30w light bulbs, instead of changing 2 to 3 light bulbs a year you only have to change 1 bulb every ten years or so. You will save around £1400 off your electricity bill, which should easily repay your initial capital investment in 6-12 months, and you'll save around 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, meaning you can pay for the whole 'LED switchover' (with change) using a 0% Pay-As-You-Save Carbon Trust loan.

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