Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
Eliot Warrington, MD & Founder
Exterior Wall Insulation (EWI)
Still paying to heat the street?

Even though heat rises most people don't realise that more heat escapes through the walls than through the roof, especially through solid walls. When your boiler clicks on the heat it generates warms up the walls. When it clicks off the walls start to cool down. If your home gets chilly soon after it's because the heat retained in the walls is now radiating your garden. Wrapping your solid walls with insulation returns this heat back into the property, regulating the indoor temperature and keeping your home warm for hours. If your home was built before cavity walls were introduced, typically around 1930, chances are you're paying to heat the street.

ewi case studyExterior wall insulation offers far more than just heat retention. A quality render top coat with high silicone content and colour pigment offers excellent weather protection and avoids the need for paint. Improvements to the guttering and minor exterior repairs to the roof or facias can be completed while the scaffolding is up, providing a maintenance-free home for decades to come. Best of all a smart new render coat will transform the kerbside appeal of your most expensive possession, with a choice of finishes including coloured render, brick slips, or (sustainable) hard wood panelling.

Solarcrest only work with the best EWI products and finishes that we know will stand the test of time. We offer a choice of insulation panels that will satisfy or exceed current building regulations and all our installers are approved by the manufacturer. We're happy to show you example projects ranging from bungalows to high-rise flats.

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“The Solarcrest installation team have been approved by Alumasc for over 10 years and are among the best in the business. Customer feedback is fantastic because the guys take a real pride in their work. From survey to quality install and finish, the team deliver excellent customer service and attention to detail. You will be in safe hands with Solarcrest“

Stewart Taylor, Director, Alumasc