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I’m so glad I went with Solarcrest, there are so many companies doing what these guys do, but I honestly don’t think anyone comes close to Solarcrest
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MVHR is fundamental under Passivhaus design guidelines as well as Energy Saving Trust best practice, especially for but not exclusively for airtight properties. It’s essential for a healthy home because it’s the only system that filters outdoor air pollution, dust and pollen, removes indoor air pollution and odours, manages humidity, and replaces all the air inside your property without swapping it for damp, cold air.

In practical terms MVHR is the first thing we need to install too, because that way the ducting can be encapsulated, and all penetrations sealed with our airtight insulation. For these reasons we’ll start by sending you an introduction to our insulation while we prepare an estimate for a quality MVHR system. By quality, we mean a system that will run quietly, efficiently and effectively for the life of the building, because that’s how long it’s going to need it for. If you buy cheap you’ll buy twice. When the building fabric and ventilation is sorted we can look at renewables and other energy saving products.

If you have questions or need any help please call 01625 423020.