Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
Eliot Warrington, MD & Founder
Airflow Adroit DV110
Fully automatic MVHR for medium sized properties
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Airflow Adroit DV110
Fully automatic MVHR for medium sized properties

Code for Sustainable Homes

The efficiency of the Airflow Duplexvent range has been independently verified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). All units offer between 80% and 93% heat recovery and are listed in the SAP Appendix Q database. The Duplexvent units are ideal for new build properties required to meet CfSH level 3 or above.

Download the Duplexvent DV90 SAP test data

Building Regulations

All Duplexvent units are compliant under Part F & L of the 2010 Building Regulations.

Physical Dimensions

The DV90-SE is a compact unit that can be located in most cupborads alterntively mounted on a solid wall. Please check the installation manual for dimensions.

Automatic frost protection

The automatic antifrost function of the heat recovery cell intermittently stops the supply air fans when the temperature of exhaust air goes under the set threshold value. In order to minimise momentary stoppages of the supply air fans the unit is can be equipped with an electric preheating unit.

Summer Bypass

An automatic summer bypass is standard for the Duplexvent range unit. If the outdoor air temperature exceeds the indoor air temperature the heat recovery function is automatically disabled. Under these conditions the unit provides fresh filtered air throughout the property to help reach a pre-set "Comfort Temperature". When the inside air temperature reaches the "Comfort Temperature" the summer bypass is deactivated.

On Demand Ventilation

The Duplexvent units can incorporate external humidity and/or Carbon dioxide sensors. This allows the unit to kick on to boost when the carbon dioxide and/or humidity content is above the threshold set at control panel. You can also program in your weekly ventilation requirements e.g. boosting in the morning and a lower fan speed at night. All together allowing for an automated system that requires little thought after installation.

Fire Place Booster Switch

With the flick of a switch the unit will run on boost for 45 minutes in addition to turning of the extract air fan. This unique function creates an overpressure in the ventilation zone which can expel any backdraught issues.


The Duplexvent DV90 models have 8 pre-set air flow speeds. The external digital controller can be used to set the speeds required to ventilate your property. This allows for a simple and accurate commissioning in addition to user-friendly controls. The Duplexvent DV90 has the option to have the ducting to atmosphere on either the left or right hand side allowing for flexibility in where the unit can be situated, exhaust spigots closer to the exterior terminals. This has to be factory fitted so the location of the unit has to be finalised prior to purchase. Solarcrest provide a nationwide supply, installation and commissioning service with BPEC certified installers. We also provide commissioning only, required under 2010 regs, if you prefer to install the system yourself. In which case we can provide installation guidance by telephone and email. Don't forget, draughty trickle vents and airbricks will not be necessary with an MVHR.


Unlike many MVHR units the air filters in the Duplexvent range only require an annual inspection and clean, normally with a vacuum cleaner. More frequent inspection post-building work is prudent as the filters are likely to pick up more dust than normal. Due to the exceptional build quality of the Duplexvent units allow each of the three filters to be pulled with ease. The aluminium heat recovery cell can also be easily removed and is machine washable allowing for you to perform maintenance tasks with ease. Other than the filter inspection the MVHR is a fit and forget item. The Duplexvent units come with a 3 year warranty for added peace of mind