Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
Eliot Warrington, MD & Founder
Airflow Adroit DV145
Silent MVHR for large domestic properties

The Airflow Adroit DV145 offers exceptional build quality, being both SAP appendix Q and Passivhaus certified (with the Electronic Post Heater fitted*). People choose Airflow because they’re the quietest units on the market, bar none. They’re so well insulated you can barely tell the unit is running.The new Adroit range now include integral humidistats to automatically increase air movement after a bath or shower, along with WiFi connectivity that allows you to control your ventilation from your smartphone. These industry-leading MVHR units will even tell you how much heat the system is recovering.

* In freezing temperatures, some of the recovered energy is used to keep the unit frost-free, meaning your supply-air temperature can be affected. The optional built-in pulse heater ensures your supply air stays at room-temperature regardless of the weather, without costing the earth to run.

Airflow Adroit DV145 features include:

  • Up to 151 l/s & 90% heat recovery
  • Triple filters including an extra F7 pollen filter
  • Automatic 100% summer bypass
  • Integrated humidistat for automatic air flow adjustment
  • Internet control via smart phone - allows remote control
  • Double skinned, super-insulated galvanised steel casing for silent running
  • Optional integrated 2.4kW electric post heater with smart frost protection
  • BMS Connectivity (Modbus as standard, optional KNX)

Our price: £2,590.00 each
(£3,108.00 inc.)
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Airflow Adroit DV145
Silent MVHR for large domestic properties

Solarcrest design, supply, install and service MVHR systems throughout the UK, for developers, custom self-builders & retrofitters alike. We also provide airtight, high-performance, whole-building insulation services too if you want a warm, comfortable and economical home for your MVHR.

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