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SF40 Multi-Foil Insulation
Reflective Quilt for Roof & Walls

Lightweight and flexible SuperFOIL SF40 is the highest rated multi-layer foil insulation on the market. With 36 layers of heat reflective foil interlaced with Thermofoam, SuperFOIL SF40 offers a certified 'R' value of 3.564.

SuperFOIL SF40 will ::

  • Super insulate your roof and walls
  • Fit easily above or below rafters
  • Install to interior or exterior walls
  • Improve building air-tightness
  • Conform to Building Regs (part L)
  • Reflect excessive heat in summer
  • Last over 50 years
Roll size:
1.5m x 10m

R value:

15 sqm


Please allow 3 working days

airtight multifoil insulationDownload SF40 brochure

Our price: 162.81 per roll
(195.37 inc.)
Product details ..
SF40 Multi-Foil Insulation
Reflective Quilt for Roof & Walls

SF40 is designed to super insulate roofs, lofts, ceilings and walls inside or out. Ideal for new timber-frame construction or eco retrofit projects, SF40 provides maximum insulation in the minimum space.

  • 60mm foil quilt equivalent to 450mm glass wool - based on comparative in-situ tests
  • Approved by building regs - 'R' value 3.564
  • 10 year guarantee with 50+ years life
  • Lightweight, flexible & easy to install - ideal for retrofit
  • Made from over 40% recycled materials

SuperFOIL is more resiliant to dust, drafts, pests and osmosys than mineral wool or extruded polystyrene, meaning it not only lasts longer, it maintains peak performance for longer too.

NOTE: For every roll of SF40 you install we suggest you allow 2-3 rolls of SF sticking tape, see related products opposite..

Download SF40 brochure
Download SF40 installation notes