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SuperFOIL SFTV (50m roll)
Airtight Thermal & Vapour Barrier

SuperFOIL SFTV is a tough, general purpose building membrane designed to resist the passage of moisture through walls, floors and ceilings. Made from a tough layer of Mylar coated aluminium foil, SFTV reduces condensation and prevents mold & damp staining.

SFTV is ideal for improving envelope airtightness, required to reduce drafts and space heating engergy requirements. SFTV can be used to enhance U'-vales in both new build and retrofit projects.

One roll measures 50m x 1.5m

Total area = 75m2 /roll

Our price: 104.00 per roll
(124.80 inc.)
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SuperFOIL SFTV (50m roll)
Airtight Thermal & Vapour Barrier

NOTE: For every roll of SFTV you install we suggest you allow 4-6 rolls of SF sticking tape, see related products opposite..