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Eliot Warrington, Founder
The Ultimate Draught Proof Letterbox

Ecoflap is a revolutionary new type of letterbox, designed to eliminate draughts and reduce your space heating bills. With extra room for larger parcels, Ecoflap opens and closes easily and securely without advertising when nobody’s home.

The ingenuous new EcoFlap will keep your entrance hall warm and reduce your energy consumption. Simple to install and decorate, and with no delicate components to break your EcoFlap should last a lifetime.

Our price: 23.99 each
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The Ultimate Draught Proof Letterbox

"We installed an ecoflap on our zero carbon house. It has worked very well and enabled us to achieve an overall q50 airtightness of 0.97 and n50 airtightness of 0.34. For the non-technical this betters building regulations by more than 10 times!!"

Mr John Christophers
Associated Architects Birmingham

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