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MVHR Compatible Cooker Hood
Added heat recovery from above the hob

Stylish kitchen extract solution finished in brushed Stainless Steel for use with Nuaire heat recovery ventilation systems

The simple push button control illuminates the cooking area and switches the MVHR unit to boost mode, helping to recover surplus heat while cooking.

Our cooker hood kit includes:

  • 600mm Stainless Steel canopy
  • 2-year Nuaire warranty
  • Metallic grease filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Downlights for the hob
  • 1m galvanised heat resistant ducting
  • Fire-stopping collar for ducting

MVHR compatible cooker hoodDownload the Cooker hood brochure

free MVHR design serviceSolarcrest supply, install and commission MVHR systems throughout the UK. For a free design and quote please send a plan of your property to or call 0845 833 0388.

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MVHR Compatible Cooker Hood
Added heat recovery from above the hob

An MVHR compatible hood allows you to recover surplus heat from above the hob while cooking. Similar in appearance to a traditional brushed stainless steel extractor hood only with no intregal fan motor, this attractive Nuaire unit can be connected directly into the MVHR ducting. The heat recovered (but not the smells) is ultimately fed back into the property rather than out through the wall.

Maintenance requirement

If you regularly cook with oil the greatest risk associated with hob heat recovery is contaminating the MVHR filters with grease. While the Nuaire unit includes both a replaceable carbon filter and washable metalic filter, regular cooker hood filter cleaning is essential. If you can keep on top of filter maintenance the MVHR compatible cooker hood provides maximum heat recovery. If not the better option is a standard motorised cooker hood extractor set to recirculation mode. Failing that a standard extractor vented through the wall.

Under no circumstances should you connect a regular motorised cooker hood extractor directly to your MVHR ducting.


Solarcrest will assess your floor plans and ventilation requirements in order to recommend the most appropriate MVHR system. We'll then provide accurate budget costs for the supply, installation and/or commissioning of the system to current building regs.

If you need advise about heat recovery ventilation please don't hesitate to email