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Nuaire Humidity Sensor
Automatic boost for MRXBOX95 range

Nuaire humidity sensor to monitor air quality in any given space. If the relative humidity (RH) exceeds your preset limit (70% RH by default) the sensor automatically switches the MRXBOX95 unit on to boost until the humidity returns to normal.

Two humidity sensors are available depending on your MRXBOX95 unit. Please see below for details. The sensor can be located in the kitchen, laundry room, utility or hallway and you can have as many as you like.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one sensor is IP65 rated for use in a bathroom. Please scroll down for details.

Our price: 89.73 each
(107.68 inc.)
Product details ..
Nuaire Humidity Sensor
Automatic boost for MRXBOX95 range

A Nuaire humidity sensor will add automatic boost to your MRXBOX95 MVHR unit. Two types of humidity sensor are available depending on your MRXBOX95 unit:

Sensor for WALL & LOFT units

The MRXBOX95-HUM humidity sensor for the smaller MVHR units above is supplied with pre-plugged 10m data cable for simple plug-n-play installation. This 12v sensor is IP65 rated for use in a bathroom or other wet area.

Download the MRXBOX95-HUM installation guide

Sensor for WH1, LH1 & LH2 units

The HUMISEN humidity sensor for the larger MVHR units above is effectively a humidity controlled mechanical switch that connects LIVE to SWITCHED LIVE at a preset RH level, similar to a manual boost switch. The HUMISEN requires a 2-core mains cable to run from the sensor to the MVHR. This 240v IP20 rated sensor is designed for use near to, but not inside, the wet room, or more commonly in the kitchen or other communial area within the property.

Download the HUMISEN installation guide

If you need any help or advice with your MVHR system please don't hesitate to call 0845 833 0388 or email