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Vent-Axia HR25
Single-Room dMVHR Heat Recovery Fan

The HR25 is a single room heat recovery fan ideal for ventilating medium to large kitchens and/or wet rooms.

Designed as energy-saving alternative to the traditional (intermittent) extract-only fan the benefits of the HR25 heat recovery fan include:

  • Up to 84% heat recovery
  • Ultra-low energy, long life DC fan motors
  • Up to 90% energy saving compared to traditional extract fans
  • Ultra quiet with sound levels as low as 17dB(A)
  • Dual speed; trickle and boost
  • Pull cord to boost airflow
  • Integrated humidity sensor to boost air flow when required (optional)
  • Integrated infa-red sensor to boost air flow when room is occupied (optional)
  • Variable lengths up to 425mm
  • IP24 Rated
  • Manufactured in the UK to high specification
  • 5 year Vent Axia warranty

Vent-Axia Tempra/SELVDownload the HR25 brochure

free MVHR design serviceSolarcrest supply, install and commission MVHR systems throughout the UK. For a free 'whole house' ventilation quote please send a plan of your property to or call 0845 833 0388.

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Vent-Axia HR25
Single-Room dMVHR Heat Recovery Fan

Long Life DC Motor

The units are fitted with a 24V DC motor and are supplied with state of the art "Switch Mode Power Supply (S.M.P.S). This has the ability to operate at only 2 Watts power consumption on trickle setting, offering a 90% energy saving over conventional AC equivalents. This is ideal for applications where the fan may get wet and become a health and safety hazard. A 5m cable is provided for fixed wiring of the unit to the S.M.P.S.

Building Regulations

Under the new Building Regulations Document F continuous running products, such as the Lo- Carbon HR25 Solo Plus installed in all wet areas of a dwelling are classed as a wholehouse ventilation system and therefore, only needs to move the amount of air as laid down in table 1.1b of Document F.

Integral Humidity Sensor

The integral humidity sensor detects if there is high levels of humidity within the room, this then activates the units boost setting until the humidity level decreases. This minimises energy use and noise.


Apart from removing odours, providing fresh air and recovering heat, this appliance extracts airborne impurities such as dust, dirt and grease. These gradually build up and detract from the efficiency and appearance of the appliance. Therefore to ensure peak performance, the appliance should be cleaned regularly. Filters should be replaced every six months or as conditions necessitate. The heat exchanger and grille should be washed in warm soapy water every twelve months or as conditions necessitate. All Vent-Axia units come with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind


The Lo-Carbon HR25 unit is designed for installation in a 152mm (6”) core drilled hole. All installation can be carried out from inside the building. The units are suitable for external walls up to 310mm thick. For thicker walls extended models are available, suitable for walls up to 425mm thick. Please check the installation manual for dimensions.