Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
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Vortice Prometeo HR400M
Heat recovery ventilation for 3-5 bed homes

The Vortice PROMETEO HR400M Mechanical Ventilation & Heat recovery unit (MVHR) offers effective fresh air ventilation for 3-5 bed properties. Capable of recovering up to 92% of the heat otherwise lost through extract-only ventilation, the HR400M is particularly quiet and can be stood upright or mounted on its side.

Product features include:

  • Up to 92% heat recovery
  • SAP Appendix Q eligible
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Airflow boost function
  • Built-in summer bypass
  • Ultra low energy DC brushless motors
  • Horizontal and vertical mount
  • 2-Year warranty

Optional extras include:

  • Pre-heater for extreme weather
  • Environment sensors to regulate airflow

Solarcrest design, supply, install (optional) & commission MVHR systems for self-builders & retrofitters around the UK. Independent from any one manufacturer we'll provide the ultimate hybrid system that's super quiet, efficient & effective.

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Vortice Prometeo HR400M
Heat recovery ventilation for 3-5 bed homes

Designed for medium to large with a kitchen and up to 5 bedrooms and/or up to 330 square metres total floor area the HR400M unit creates a low pressure air flow that pulls stale/damp air from bathrooms, WC’s, utilities, kitchens and cellars, at the same time feeding fresh, almost room temperature air into living spaces and bedrooms. Thanks to its super efficient motors the system typcally consumes less electricity than a light bulb.

The HR400M system will exceed building regulations for ventilation in buildings up to 330 square metres total floor area. Driven by two high performance low consumption DC motors located on anti vibration mounts the HR400M offers a low energy low noise solution.

Appendix Q eligibility

The Prometeo HR400M with its low energy DC motors and innovative design has been independently tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to the appropriate SAP Appendix Q test methodology and is Appendix Q eligible in all configurations from kitchen+1 wet room to kitchen+8 additional wet rooms.

Summer By-Pass

When the outdoor temperature is equal to or higher than the indoor desired temperature, but lower than the current indoor temperature, the bypass valve will open allowing a direct intake of outdoor air, by-passing the heat exchanger. This function is particularly useful on hot summer nights.

Frost protection

When the temperature and relative humidity of both indoor and outdoor air streams are at a condition whereby frost may form on the heat exchanger surface, the frost protection valve will open automatically in an attempt to correct the situation. An optional accessory unique to the Prometeo is the air-intake pre-heater, designed to automatically prevent frost damage in extreme conditions below minus -9oC.


The unit includes two F5 filters, fitted inside the unit near the heat exchanger. These are easily accessible by removing the front panel. Their function is to protect impurities entering both the dwelling and the heat exchanger. The unit monitors the filters condition and electronically indicates, visually and audibly, if filter maintenance is required. Filters are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace.

Free design service

Solarcrest will assess your plans in order to provide a budget cost. At the point of purchase we issue a final system design based on your supplied plans. These drawings will serve as a blueprint to assist your installer, typically a general builder, plumber or heating engineer. Solarcrest also offer an install and/or commissioning-only service. Please call 0845 833 0388 for details.

Download the Prometeo HR400M brochure