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MVHR Complete Kit - Small
Compact MVHR and semi-rigid ducting kit for small properties

The Domus Radial duct kit utilises semi-rigid ducting run from a central manifold to service up to 12 rooms, 6 supply & 6 extract. With push joints and less connections ensures no air leakage and a 60% reduced installation time compared to conventional ducting solutions, depending on how nifty you are.

The Domus radial duct kit benefits include:

  • Simple and quick to install - saves up to 60% on installation time
  • Flexible semi-rigid 75mm dia. ducting making it ideal for tricky junctions
  • Airtight reliable seals, means no air leakage
  • Eliminates room-to-room cross talk
  • Easy and quick to commission
  • Up to 5 years parts and labour warranty options available
  • Manufactured in the UK to high specification

Polypipe Silavent HRX1What about the MVHR?

MVHR Kit BrochureView the Polypipe MVHR kit brochure

free MVHR design serviceSolarcrest supply, install and commission MVHR systems throughout the UK. For a free design and quote please send a plan of your property to or call 0845 833 0388.

Our price: £2,649.45 each
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MVHR Complete Kit - Small
Compact MVHR and semi-rigid ducting kit for small properties

What’s in the kit?

The kit comes as standard with 100m of semi-rigid 75mm dia. ducting and all the ancillaries you will need to service 10 rooms. This includes 8m of insulated ducting for the connections to atmosphere and to the manifolds.

Exterior Vents

Depending on how you propose to connect the MVHR to atmosphere you will require either roof cowls or exterior grilles. These will need to be a minimum of 1m apart from each other to prevent recirculating exhausted air. We have given you the option of 3 kits to choose from;

  • The roof kit includes 2x roof cowls with a universal flashing for pitched roofs, a 5m length of insulated flexible duct, a condensate trap for the intake, 4 x straight connectors and 4x cable ties.
  • The retrofit wall kit includes 2x exterior grilles (white), 1m length of insulated rigid pipe, 5m of insulated flexible duct, 4 x straight connectors and 4x cable ties.
  • The air-brick wall kit includes 2 x air-brick (white) and 2x air-brick adaptor.

If you prefer to have your exterior grilles in brown please ring before purchasing.

Add Rooms

To increase the number of rooms the system can ventilate please use the the add rooms list. As standard the kit comes with 10 valves (5 for supply and 5 for extract) this can be upgarded to 12 rooms (6 for supply and 6 for extract).

MVHR & Warranty

The HRX has various upgrades that can make the unit completely automatic and more aesthetically pleasing. It also has the option to upgrade it's warranty from 2 years to 5 years. For a full break down of the MVHR and it's upgrades please see the HRX page for more details

90° Bends

When bending the pipe you will need ensure that it's a sweeping curve with a minimum radius of 250mm. If any less than this it can dampen the amount of air that is supplied or extracted down the pipe. If you find yourself coming across junctions that require a sharp bend there is also the option of 90 degree bends, please estimate how many you will require.

What's room-to-room cross talk?

Using conventional ducting often has two or more valves quite close together. When this happens sound can transfer from 1 room to the other, hearing the TV in the lounge from a bedroom. To combat this conventionally you would require an in-line sound attenuator. Although as the radial ducting has its own individual duct length from a central manifold sound cannot be transferred from room-to-room, which is nice.


The first step you will need to do is site the MVHR unit and manifolds within a large enough area to house them, think of where the condensate pipe will run. After that you will need to install the manifold outlets into the manifolds, this will allow you to run your semi-rigid duct out from it. Then fit your insulated rigid pipe to the manifolds and to atmosphere, ensuring every connection is air-tight by applying sealant and tape. Then the fun begins real out the semi-rigid duct to lengths from the manifolds to the outlet plenum. Cut the semi-rigid duct with a knife or hacksaw and fit the seals at the junctions. The kit also includes duct clips to secure the ducting to your proposed route, these should be every meter.

For full installation guidance please view the installation manual for details.

Things to note about the semi-rigid duct

If you have a room that requires over 10l/s for supply or 13l/s for extract these rooms will require 2 valves.

Condensate trap?

The MVHR unit has the facility to collect water from the extracted air. This requires a specialist non-return condensate trap for the Silavent range. We have included this within the kit. What's not included in the ducting kit is lengths of 21.5mm dia. standard overflow pipe, this can be acquired at your local builder’s merchants. The condensate pipe ideally should be run to an internal soil pipe but can be routed to a external soil pipe or rainwater downpipe if appropriately insulated.

If you need any further help or advise with your MVHR purchase please don't hesitate to call 0845 833 0388 or email