Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
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Vent-Axia Sentinel Totus2 Maxi
Ceiling mounted D-ERV to service large areas

Sentinel Totus2 D-ERV incorporates high efficiency EC/DC backward curved motors/impellers, Sentinel Demand Controlled ventilation strategies and a market leading high efficiency counterflow heat recovery cell which achieves up to 90% energy recovery. With a range of sensors available to determine the occupancy of the rooms, and manage the system ventilation rates accordingly. This optimises the use of energy whilst meeting the legislation requirements of the building.

Designed to ventilate commercial or very large residential properties the Sentinel Totus2 D-ERV Maxi features include:

  • Up to 90% heat recovery
  • Ventilates nominally around 2000m/h
  • Lowest Specific Fan Power figures of any high efficiency D-ERV product
  • Ultra quiet, low energy, long life EC DC fan motors-1/3 less energy lost to heat than a conventional AC motor
  • Automatic/Programmable summer bypass providing free cooling in summer months
  • Automatic frost protection with integrated frost coils to temper the incoming air
  • In-built backlit LCD user control interface which can be remotely mounted to suit site requirements
  • Single skin casing construction with thermal and acoustic foam insulation for maximum heat recovery & minimum noise
  • Aluzinc casing suitable for external installations as standard IPX4 rated
  • Air conditioning, heating and BMS system integration
  • User settable night time purge function to purge the room automatically over night to reduce morning start up loads within the space during hot summer periods.
  • Integral condensate pump reduces installation costs and space requirements
  • 2 year Vent Axia warranty
  • Manufactured in the UK to high specification

Solarcrest design, supply, install (optional) & commission MVHR systems for self-builders & retrofitters around the UK. Independent from any one manufacturer we'll provide the ultimate hybrid system that's super quiet, efficient & effective.

Vent-Axia Sentinel Totus2 MaxiDDownload the Sentinel Totus2 D-ERV brochure
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Vent-Axia Sentinel Totus2 Maxi
Ceiling mounted D-ERV to service large areas

Building Regulations

All Sentinel Kinetic units are compliant under Part F & L of the 2010 Building Regulations.

Physical Dimensions

This unit has specifically been designed to fit into suspended ceilings or attics with a minimum void space of 410mm, hiding the ducting and unit. Access panels will need to be accommodated for maintenance. Please check the installation manual for dimensions.

Automatic frost protection

The control for the in-built electric frost coils shall be 2 stage fully integrated and automatic and will ensure the energy recovery cell does not freeze up under low ambient conditions. The frost protection system will switch in each of the 2 stages as required when ambient temperature falls below 0C.

Summer Bypass

An automatic summer bypass is available as standard for the Sentinel Totus2 D-ERV unit. If the outdoor air temperature exceeds the indoor air temperature the heat recovery function is automatically disabled. Under these conditions the unit provides fresh filtered air throughout the property to help reach a pre-set "Comfort Temperature". When the inside air temperature reaches the "Comfort Temperature" the summer bypass is deactivated.


The units casing is manufactured with a frameless construction, and incorporate single skinned Aluzinc panels with a high thermal and acoustic efficiency internal insulating foam The unit shall be suitable for internal or external mounting as standard.

Occupancy control

Employing a range of sensors to manage the system, demand is typically sensed by PIR, temperature, humidity, air quality, carbon dioxide sensors or other types of Vent-Axia proprietary sensors). It can respond to the ventilation requirements of a room by providing airflow only when it is required and at the level that is required, using only the energy that is needed, while recovering maximum energy from the extracted air and transferring it to the fresh supply air. This overcomes many of the drawbacks encountered with traditional fixed volume ventilation systems, which operate irrespective of the occupancy of the room, leading to over ventilation and a wasteful use of energy.p>

Vent-Axia Sentinel Totus2 D-ERVWatch how PIR sensors work

Vent-Axia Sentinel Totus2 D-ERVWatch how CO2 sensors work


Unlike domestic MVHR units the maintenance of the Sentinel Totus2 D-ERV is more involved. For a full break down of maintenance procedures please see page 31 of the installation manual for details. The unit will require a 350mm either side of the unit in addition to an access hatch to service the unit. It will also require a 2 tilt (60mm) to ensure drainage of the condensate tray.

Vent-Axia Sentinel Totus2 Maxi