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VO4Home Voltage Optimiser
Reduces electricity bills by a minimum of 10%

Normally a residence would be supplied by the National Power Grid from anywhere in between 230V - 262v and in cases of spikes can be as high as 290V. This high voltage means electrical appliances are being overpowered which shortens the product lifespan and results in an unneeded power demand. The VO4Home unit reduces the incoming power supply to a steady and safer voltage, approximately 220V. This reduces the wear and tear on the electrical appliances and in turn reduces the power demand for your house. Saving you up to £200 on your electricity bill.

Suitable for residences with 2+ bedrooms or small businesses using 5000+ Kwh/year. The VO4HOME features include:

  • 5 year warranty, 20 year product life
  • 10% on your electricity bill or a £100 refund!
  • Easy 1 hour Installation
  • Maintenance free
  • No rewiring required
  • Reduces wear on electrical appliances
  • Works with your current electricity provider
  • Verified by Npower
  • No change to your lifestyle required
  • Manufactured in the UK to high specification

MVHR system design serviceSee how the VO4Home works

VO4HomeDownload the vo4home specification sheet

VO4HomeDownload the Npower trial report

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VO4Home Voltage Optimiser
Reduces electricity bills by a minimum of 10%


The unit is installed between the meter and the consumer unit, (fuse box). Connection is a simple "2 wires in 2 wires out" operation to optimise all circuits in the property. Can be installed internally and/or externally

Power surges

With the installation of the unit it guarantees you a steady voltage being supplied to your electrical appliances. Therefore taking out the much feared power surge's out of the equation, which can burn out circuit chips ruining electrical appliances.


"I chose VO4Home because it offered the best technical solution. The installation process was simple: An electrician installed the unit in a about one hour. The unit is small, unobtrusive and needs no maintenance. My incoming voltage was over 243v, and was dropped to 225v. I tested all my electrical appliances and found no difference in operation. It does what is says on the tin!- It has reduced my electrical bills."


VO4Home are so confident in the performance of their system that they guarantee a minimum of 10% savings on electricity consumption after 1 year. If you do not achieve this saving VO4Home will refund you £100 of the unit price. This offer is available to customers 12 months after unit installation date and is valid on first year savings only, it cannot be claimed for subsequent years savings. Electricity bills both prior and during the 12 months which the VO4home system has been installed will have to be provided.

VO4Home Voltage Optimiser