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Rainwater Harvesting Kit
440 Litre Super Slim Retrofit System

The complete all-in-one, surface mounted rainwater harvesting system for properties with limited space. Kit includes rainwater filter/diverter, 440 litre slim-line storage tank, low energy delivery pump, controller, mains valve and a garden tap.

The standard kit is ideal for toilet flushing, laundry, micro irrigation, pressure washing and other applications requiring recycled water delivered at mains pressure. Additional 220l storage tanks can be used to extend the storage capacity if required.

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Rainwater Harvesting Kit
440 Litre Super Slim Retrofit System

The Super Slim rainwater harvesting system incorporates the best features of below ground rainwater harvesting, only the without costly excavation work. The durable modular design makes it easy to retrofit rainwater harvesting to small and medium sized properties.

The tank system is made from high density food grade polyethylene and all components feature high levels of UV protection. The system is easy to install by a competent DIY or general trades installer.

This kit includes:

  • 440 litre slim-line wall-mounted storage tank (additional 220 litres tanks are available if required.
  • Secure inter tank connection
  • High performance Frogmouth filter/diverter
  • Submersible pump that automatically delivers rainwater on demand to connected services and shuts-off once water is no longer required
  • Intelligent controller shows power on, pump on and failure LED
  • Mains Top Up Valve
  • Tap for exterior watering/washing

The Super Slim Rainwater Harvesting system requires only a single downpipe connection and power point.

The pump and controller is supplied as an integrated kit with plug-n-play electrical interconnects. In the event of there being insufficient rainwater to meet demand a valve is automatically opened to supply a small quantity of mains water to the tank.

Download Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

Download Super Slim System Brochure

Download 220 Litre Additional Tank Brochure