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Frogmouth Rainwater Filter
Rainwater Harvesting System

The Frogmouth is a slim profile multi-purpose first stage filter with a 0.9mm stainless steel mesh, designed for efficient filtering of rainwater debris and easy cleaning.

It is simple to install into existing downpipes and is compatible with most rainwater tank systems. The Frogmouth has a high flow capacity and incorporates a storm water backflow outlet.

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Frogmouth Rainwater Filter
Rainwater Harvesting System

The Frogmouth Rainwater Filter offers the following benefits compared with conventional filtration systems;

  • Fully closed filter system, protects rainwater storage from dirt, leaves, moss, vermin and other debris and helps reduce algae growth
  • Requires minimum cleaning via convenient inspection flap
  • Easy to install, just cut into the existing downpipe and clip in position
  • Compatible with most tank systems and rainwater management systems
  • Two stage filtration option, by integrating the Lazy Lizard Filter
  • Visually discreet, slim profile making it ideal for installation against a wall at tank level.
  • Proven and reliable, installed and tested since 2005

The Frogmouth Rainwater Filter is manufactured to the highest standards using advanced technology and incorporates;

  • A rugged ASA plastic construction
  • A stabilizer for added UV protection
  • A durable stainless steel filtration mesh
  • A high performance system that diverts 85 to 90% of rainwater to the tank
  • A high water flow capacity to filter storm force rain
  • Storm water backflow prevention to stop contamination of tank water
  • Built in tank overflow to save additional plumbing

Download Guide to Rainwater Harvesting
Download Frogmouth Filter Brochure
Download Frogmouth Filter Installation Notes