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Low-Flow Mixer Tap with PIR Sensor
Reduces water consumption up to 60%

The Riva Monobloc Mixer with PIR Sensor is an extremely stylish, high quality tap with an ultra low flow rate. Using only 3 litres per minute can reduce your water consumption and waste costs by up to 50%!

Based on water savings alone the typical payback period is under 225 hours of use.

PIR monobloc mixer finished in Chrome.

Our price: 231.87 per mixer
(278.24 inc.)
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Low-Flow Mixer Tap with PIR Sensor
Reduces water consumption up to 60%

The Riva product range of Ultra Efficient Low Flow (UELF) products is a step beyond conventional “low-flow” technology, reducing unnecessary consumption by between 25% and 80%. With showers operating from 5.5 litres per minute (LPM) and taps from 3 LPM, compared with the typical flow rate of between 10 and 15 LPM, the potential savings in both finite resources and expenditure are outstanding.

Instead of being a simple flow-restrictor, Riva taps are flow-compensators that help to enhance pressure and performance, providing a consistent flow rate regardless of fluctuations in water pressure.

  • Battery operated PIR lasts 12-18 months (very easy to change batteries)
  • Operating at 3 Litres/Minute
  • 60% reduction in water consumption with proportionate reduction in energy consumption.
  • Enhances pressure and performance.
  • Very high quality, enhances any area
  • Heavy-duty, ideal for busy areas.
  • Simple replacement for existing tap
  • 5-year factory warranty