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Low-Flow Inline Reducer (7 ltrs/min)
Reduces flow rates to 7 litres/minute

Riva Inline Shower and bath shower mixer flow restrictor. Restricts flow to 7 litres per minute

  • For use with showers and bath shower mixer taps.
  • Screws into shower hose.
  • Restricts flow to 7 litres per minute to reduce water consumption.
  • Requires a minimum pressure of 1 bar for best performance.

This Flow Regulators range enables you to enjoy water without waste. Saving up to 70% water in comparison to standard taps, whilst maintaining washing efficiency this range is essential for commercial applications, public and residential use.

The typical payback period for your investment is under 15 hours of use.

Our price: 4.99 each
(5.99 inc.)
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Low-Flow Inline Reducer (7 ltrs/min)
Reduces flow rates to 7 litres/minute

The Riva product range of Ultra Efficient Low Flow (UELF) products is a step beyond conventional “low-flow” technology, reducing unnecessary consumption by between 25% and 80%. With showers operating from 5.5 litres per minute (LPM) and taps from 3 LPM, compared with the typical flow rate of between 10 and 15 LPM, the potential savings in both finite resources and expenditure are outstanding.

Instead of being a simple flow-restrictor, Riva taps are flow-compensators that help to enhance pressure and performance, providing a consistent flow rate regardless of fluctuations in water pressure. Riva has an eco-friendly and cost effective solution for every water outlet.

  • 70% reduction in water consumption with proportionate reduction in energy consumption.
  • Enhances pressure and performance.
  • Very high quality, enhances any area
  • Heavy-duty, ideal for busy areas.
  • Simple addition to existing system
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty