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Eliot Warrington, Founder
Saver-SiphonTM Water Saving WC
Retrofit Water Saving WC Siphon (complete)

A WC typically consumes 7-9 litres of fresh water on every flush. Push button flushers and siphon bags can potentially limit this to 4.5 litres, but even this amount is often more than is necessary to clear the bowl. If more than 4.5 litres is required your only option is two or more flushes, normally with a delay between each. What’s needed is a manual system to flush as much as is needed but no more.

The Saver-Siphon finally allows you to control the amount of water flushed. When the handle is down it flushes, when it’s up it stops. Simple.

Replacement cistern system for most front handled, side handled or chain pull cisterns - NOT for use with close coupled toilets.

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Saver-SiphonTM Water Saving WC
Retrofit Water Saving WC Siphon (complete)

The revolutionary Saver-Siphon overturns conventional flushing technologies. For 160 years we have been flushing the full cistern every time, wasting about half the water that continues to flow once the waste has been removed. Now, with the Saver-Siphon, a fully interruptible WC Siphon, you just flush only the water needed, wasting none at all. When the handle is down it flushes, when it’s up it stops. You control the amount required. Simple.

  • Press the lever to flush (starts the flush and closes air valve)
  • Hold down to continue flush (air valve is closed)
  • Release when pan is clear (air valve is open, air enters to stop the flush)

Besides the interruptible flush, the Saver-siphon also has a completely new type of diaphragm, the part that lifts the water to start the flush. Existing plastic sheet type systems can fold or tear, causing the siphon to fail. The everlasting solid trap door diaphragm in the Saver-Siphon has nothing that can fold or tear. The spring and “C’ link are made from marine grade stainless steel to eliminate corrosion. Your Saver-Siphon could therefore last a lifetime.

  • Cuts water bills dramatically: Households 20%, Schools 30%, Businesses 42%
  • Short payback time measured in weeks not years
  • Based on the siphon, can NEVER leak, unlike valve flushing devices which are notorious for leaks
  • Easy to operate, no memory skills required
  • Maintenance free
  • Designed to last forever