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CombiSave - NEW !!
Water & Gas Saving Thermostatic Valve

The energy saving CombiSave technology, speeds up hot water for households with combination boilers and reduces wait time for the water to run hot.

CombiSave thus reduces gas bills, conserves significant quantities of water per household and contributes to carbon reduction.

Combisave gas and water saving valveSee how Combisave works
Combisave gas and water saving valveSee the Combisave installation video

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CombiSave - NEW !!
Water & Gas Saving Thermostatic Valve

CombiSave is a thermostatically operated valve set to become an essential add-on for new and existing “in-situ” combination (“combi”) boilers. Designed to restrict the flow of cold water to a combi boiler during the initial warm-up phase when the hot tap is first opened, the Combisave fully opens only when the water temperature has reached a certain level, allowing water to be delivered to the tap at normal flow rates.

Tests show that a combi-boiler can waste the first 10 litres of water between the time the hot tap is turned on and the water running hot. Meanwhile, excess gas is burnt, carbon produced and the consumer waits!

A CombiSave is suitable for retro-fitting to any make of existing wall hung combi-boiler in less than 30 minutes and will not affect boiler warranty. The device is small and “fit and forget”, needing no power supply or maintenance.

Through thermostatic flow control during the initial firing and heating process CombiSave accelerates the heating of the water and reduces the fuel needed.

  • CombiSave conserves Water: 55,000 litres per year, that’s around £140.
  • CombiSave reduces Gas bills: by about £50 in gas annually, but can be in excess of £100.
  • CombiSave provides Quicker Hot Water: some homes with a combination boiler wait over a minute for water to run hot from the tap; on average 21 hours of time person per year could be saved by not having to wait for hot water!
  • CombiSave reduces Carbon Footprint: a saving of approximately 260Kg to 500Kg of Co2 per year per home.

In Government backed tests conducted during January 2010 the experts concluded that “The CombiSave does provide a robust method of preventing excessive waste during the initial start-up phase of hot water production by a combi-boiler “.

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