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WWHR. 50% efficiency. Wetroom & Ground floor.

The RECOUP Drain is the affordable solution to make substantial savings on the hot water bill. Almost all the energy used to heat the water from showers goes down the drain. The installation of the RECOUP drain recycles up to 50% of the heat and returns it into the system. The Recoup Pipe has the following benefits and features;

  • Saves energy that would normally be wasted
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces heating bill
  • Stylish design that sits flush on the floor
  • Case and cover made from brushed stainless steel
  • SAP appendix Q eligible
  • KIWA validated efficiencies of up to 50%
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy Installation
  • 2 year warranty
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    RECOUP Drain+
    WWHR. 50% efficiency. Wetroom & Ground floor.

    How It Works

    The general princable behind is to use the heat from the outgoing shower to temper the cold water coming in. It does this by filtering the waste hot water through the pipe heat exchanger. The hot water clings to the side of the pipe and the cold feed is passed over the pipe. The heat transfer from the outgoing hot to the incoming cold allows a temperature increase of around 15 degrees. The pre-heated cold feed then feeds the shower mixer, boiler and/or cylinder.

    Methods of Installation

    The inlet for the RECOUP pipe is connected to the mains water supply, and the outlet (pre- warmed water) can be connected in one of three different ways;

  • SYSTEM A - Preheated water supplied to shower mixer (cold inlet) and DHW heater.
  • SYSTEM B - Preheated water supplied to shower mixer (cold inlet) on the shower only.
  • SYSTEM C - Preheated water supplied to DHW heater only.
  • The performance of the above systems are recognised within the SAP Products Characteristics Database (PCDB) for energy savings calculations, although sytem A will produce the highest efficiencies.

    Locating the RECOUP Drain

    TThe RECOUP Drain needs to be installed horizontally. Installation should take place on a flat base capable of supporting the WWHRU using the fixings provided, and should allow for access to all parts and routine maintenance (E.g. Cleaning) to be carried out with relative ease. Ensure there is a 5-10 cm gap from the long edges of the Drain+ to ensure tiles can be fitted to avoid standing water in the corners of the shower room. For further installation information please see the installation instructions


    The maintenance required for the RECOUP Drain is very minimal, however, it is recommended to clean the unit periodically to avoid any reduction in efficiency. This cleaning will remove any build-up of soap and dirt residue on the inside of the copper pipe where the waste water passes.To clean, remove the Drain+ lid (Grate) with the provided hook (Take care as Stainless steel can be susceptible to scratching). Ensure that the lid and the distribution plate below are clear of debris, as the distribution plate is vital in maintaining the efficiency of the Recoup Drain+. If required, the copper heat exchanger can also be cleaned using a soft brush and if needed, some household degreaser in a spray bottle. Once cleaned, replace the lid and rinse thoroughly with warm water from the shower.