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  It used to take two guys two days to insulate a roof with boards. It now takes half a day with multifoil and there's less wastage
A. Fitter, NEC Home Build Show
Technical Insulation
High tech insulation for high efficiency buildings

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SF60 Multi-Foil Insulation
Ultra-thick Multifoil for the Roof
With a certified 'R' value of 4.64 new SuperFOIL SF60 is the thickest multi-layer foil on the market. A 100mm foil & thermofoam quilt equivalent to 205mm of fibreglass wool, SF60 is the easy way to reach code level 3 and above
SF60 Multi-Foil Insulation
Our price:189.86 per roll + VAT
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SF40 Multi-Foil Insulation
Reflective Quilt for Roof & Walls
With a certified 'R' value of 3.564 a 60mm layer of SuperFOIL SF40 provides exceptional insulation in the minimum space

SF40 Multi-Foil Insulation
Our price:162.81 per roll + VAT
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SF19 Multi-Foil Insulation
Ultra-Slim Insulation for Roof & Walls
With an 'R' value 2.218 SF19 is a great value multi-foil, ideal for topping up your existing roof insulation.

SF19 Multi-Foil Insulation
Our price:118.00 per roll + VAT
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SuperFOIL SFTV (50m roll)
Airtight Thermal & Vapour Barrier
A general purpose thermal vapour barrier for walls, floors & roofs to resists the passage of moisture & improve airtightness
SuperFOIL SFTV  (50m roll)
Our price:104.00 per roll + VAT
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