Solar Thermal Grants
Install a solar waterheating system and you may get a £400 grant from the Low Carbon Buildings Project (LCBP), the government’s grant programme for renewable energy, or up to 50 per cent off the price of a photovoltaic system. To qualify you'll need an MCS approved Solar system fitted by an MCS approved installer.
Renewable Solar Energy
Solar hot water & photovoltaics (PV) systems

Solar power has the potential to provide over 1,000 times our total global energy consumption, yet currently only 0.02% of our power comes from the sun. In a world of deminishing resources and rising fuel prices, harnessing free renewable energy from the sun has been never been more appealing to individuals and Government alike.

With attractive Feed-In-Tariffs paying you up to 3 times more for the PV electricity you produce compared to the electricity you consume, and with affordable high efficiency solar collectors capable of providing up to two thirds of your families hot water, why not add micro generation to your retrofit or new build project?

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