Fiting a single room dMVHR is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to solve damp and mold issues in problematic rooms.
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MVHR Units - Single Room

Heat Recovery Ventilation for the Home

Solarcrest provide a range of single room MVHR units to replace your traditional extractor fan. As a balanced unit that supplies and extracts air from any given room, the decentralised dMVHR fan maintains the internal air pressure to avoid drawing cold air in through window trickle vents.

Single room dMVHR units for smaller rooms slot through either a 100mm or 150mm hole in the exterior wall, so are relatively easy to install provided power is available. dMVHR units for larger rooms typically require a square aperture so require a little more planning.

A dMVHR fan is a great way to compliment a whole house PIV unit.

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Solarcrest supply and install single room dMVHR units throughout the UK. We also provide technical support to local installers, typically electricians.

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