Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
Eliot Warrington, MD & Founder
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About Solarcrest
Whole House Retrofit Store

Solarcrest is on a mission to eliminate CO2 emissions from the built environment. Our target is 2 tonnes/year from domestic homes and 6 tonnes from commercial building. As a climate aware, family run business with ethics our priorities are people, planet and then profit. It’s for this reason we suggest a process rather than just products, beginning with the least cost (lowest margin) but highest gain (energy & CO2 saved).

what is multi-layer foil insulationOur background

Established in 1986, Solarcrest Ltd is a Local Authority accredited private sector landlord. With 100% social housing tenants we operate as an agent for other private landlords looking to place and manage social tenants. Having optimised our housing stock as far as possible under grant funding, we began exploring ways to push the boundary in terms of energy efficiency. Solarcrest Distribution Ltd was established to share our knowledge and solutions with other social housing providers, along with the private and commercial sector.

Our aim is to provide a complete ‘whole house retrofit' package from a convenient one-stop shop, with a focus on verification and cost benefit, both economic and environmental. Check our Website and let us know what you think.

Solarcrest sustainability & valuesSustainability & Values

Solarcrest was one of the first to sign up to 10:10 in order to take a lead on the defining challenge of our age - fly the flag for positive change, set audacious goals, and offer fresh thinking on climate change.

On a national level Solarcrest are proud to offer the UK’s first (and Google's favourite) 'whole house retrofit' online store, providing links, information and products to cut your bills and your carbon footprint. To make large scale cuts in CO2 emissions we also offer an airtight envelope neighbourhood retrofit solution designed for Local Authorities and landlords (RSL's) with hard-to-treat, mixed tenure terraced propertied.

At a local level Solarcrest work with local community groups including the Macclesfield Guild & Chamber of Trade, Macclesfield Civic Society and Food4Macc to promote sustainability within our local town. Our goal is to link local interest groups into a cohesive online community in preparation for ‘Transition Macclesfield’.

At Solarcrest we're very aware of our own carbon footprint and are taking steps to reduce it, including operating online to minimise travel, insisting on FSC certified paper & packaging, and installing ultra efficient LED lighting throughout. Where possible we encourage our partners to do the same, and gently nudge our suppliers to provide LCA data we can pass on to our climate conscious buyers. The more buying power we have the more we can nudge.

Why do we care? Simple. Because Solarcrest is a business run by parents who recognise what climate change means for the next generation. We know we can't prevent it but we can at least help people adapt.

By offering eco knowledge, resources and products we aim to make ‘whole house retrofit’ that bit easier. So if you want a more comfortable, energy efficient home or work environment, with early capital repayment through utility savings, why not see what your building needs to achieve it.

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