eco retrofit for commercial buildings
Billions could be saved..
British businesses can save around £23 billion a year by improving the way they use energy and water, and by reducing waste, according to research published today by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman.
Climate Resilience..
"Climate change will have impacts on all UK businesses, such as the availability of resources, demand for different products, and the increased threat of floods, drought and other extreme weather. But smart businesses that take action now to limit the risks and identify the opportunities climate change could bring will steal a march on their rivals."
Lord Henley Environment Minister
Commercial Eco Retrofit
Lower carbon footprint = Lower energy bills

Rising energy costs are likely to impact your business in more ways than one. First you've got higher heating, electricity and water bills thanks to dwindling natural resources, the cost of oil extraction and unrest in the Middle East. Second, you've got carbon tax based on the amount of fossil fuel you (or your energy provider) uses to generate power. If you don't have a 'climate change levy' on your bills yet then expect it soon. If those sticks don't prompt you to take action it's only a matter of time before the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) reaches your business. At which point becoming energy efficient will be a mandatory obligation.

Fortunately there are some carrots to make the low carbon transition a little more inviting. Carbon Trust finance is available to pay for your energy saving measures; Feed-In-Tariffs (FITs) make producing electricity a lucrative investment; and Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI's) reward you for switching to renewable fuels. The the jargon may seem confusing, so here are the options you need to consider:

Option 1 : Do Nothing

  • Continue to pay for your existing energy consumption
    (But bear in mind the incentives may not last forever)
  • Accept there may be a level of unnecessary waste
    (You should be able to save at least 20%)
  • Prepare for higher energy bills this Winter
    (Up to 25% higher according to Centrica)

Option 2 : Become Energy Efficient

  • Solarcrest can help with 0% business loans from the carbon trustReceive up to 100% capital funding from the Carbon Trust
    (A flexible, unsecured Pay-As-You-Save loan)
  • Continue to pay the same ‘energy outlay’ as Option 1
    (at least until the loan is repaid, normally 2-7 years)
  • Enjoy considerably lower energy bills after repayment
    (You may even see a saving as the loan is repaid)
  • Become more resilient to future energy price rises
    (get ready for Peak Oil)
  • Reduce your Carbon Tax liability
    (a.k.a. Climate Change Levy)
  • Lessen your environmental impact
    (Do the right thing for the environment & future generations)

Option 3 : Switch to Sustainable Energy

  • Don’t get penalised for using fossil fuels
    (Or get the bill for the power station's penalties)
  • Do get rewarded for using sustainable energy
    (Earn FITs for electricity, Earn RHI's for heating)
  • Minimise your environmental impact
    (You save the most Co2 running on clean energy)
  • Become ‘sustainable’
    (Because unsustainable is unsustainable)
  • Brag to your friends, family, associates and customers
    (Carbon reduction achievements are great for marketing)


About Solarcrest

Solarcrest would love to help with Options 2 and 3. As a committed Carbon Reduction company it's our mission to help you achieve the greatest environmental benefit for your budget, or, to put it another way, to help you save the most money for the minimum outlay, then help you switch to a climate-friendly fuel - that you get rewarded for using.

Thanks to an extensive network of environmental specialists and manufacturers, Solarcrest offer a one-stop-shop for complete eco retrofit. We'll assess and advise on the optimum solution for your budget, providing both cost and carbon benefit analysis to help you make informed decisions.

To explore your options please email or call 0845 833 0388.