Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
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"Build tight- ventilate right", that's the motto of the Energy Savings Trust. To reduce energy consumption and cut CO2 emissions building regulations now require new houses to be almost airtight, very well insulated and properly ventilated using the most efficient means possible. Sounds easy if youíre building from scratch, but what if you already own a house or commercial property? How do you ĎRetrofit tight Ė ventilate rightí?

To bring your home up to or preferably beyond the minimum efficiency standards Solarcrest offer a complete 'whole house' thermal upgrade package. When the basics are fixed and our team are on site we can then offer every eco product under the sun, including solar panels. Here's our process..

shop part1Step 1. Plan the job - help you make informed decisions

Find out what the options are for your property, how much itíll all cost and see if thereís funding available. Fortunately if you provide the right information much of this can be done over the desktop without incurring any cost.

shop part2Step 2. The thermal upgrade - fix the building fabric once and for all

Super-insulate your roof and walls then ventilate your draught-free home properly with a system that recovers energy. Our goal is to halve your heating bill so to do that we need to stop the heat escaping. The biggest leaks are the walls, roof and 'natural' uncontrolled ventilation. Our thermal upgrade therefore consists of:

shop part3Step 3. Fit the optional extras - to complete your eco-retrofit

While the scaffolding is up it's a good time to inspect and if necessary repair the roof, soffits, facias and rainwater goods. That way you'll be maintenance-free for decades to come. Subject to finance and feasibility Solarcrest also offer the following extras to complete your eco-retrofit:

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Solarcrest† understand that retrofitting an occupied property needs to be a well managed process with minimal disruption. Thatís why most of our jobs are completed in the attic or outside the property. Assisting with a new build or refurbishment requires colaboration and co-operation. Thatís why we employ time-served builders who
know how to work along side the other trades on site".

Rick Marlow, Retrofit manager ††††††††