Great in depth knowledge of low energy heating and cooling solutions, all explained in plain English, a confidence inspiring company
Solarcrest have been fantastic from design to install of our MVHR unit. They are extremely helpful and every question I had was clearly answered.
I’m so glad I went with Solarcrest, there are many companies doing what these guys do, but I honestly don’t think anyone comes close to Solarcrest
Mr Desai B
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When you're creating a low energy property ventilation is the first thing to plan. It provides air quality throughout the building and needs installing at the beginning of the first fix. MVHR is the fundamental component of Passivhaus design as well as Energy Saving Trust best practice because it allows you to make the property airtight, stop cold draughts and retain heat more effectively than any other energy related investment. Any other ventilation means window vents, cold draughts, no air filtration and no airtightness. Energy conservation always trumps energy generation.

Our first step is to provide a ventilation proposal. After that we can assist with your insulation and airtightness strategy, potentially modelling the building using Passive House tools to accurately calculate how much heating and cooling you need, or don't need. Then we provide advice and introduce trusted specialists in renewable heat and power.

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