Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
Eliot Warrington, MD & Founder
neighbourhood retrofit solution
Retrofit Street
Neighbourhood Retrofit Solution

To help reach the Governments 80% carbon reduction commitment by 2050, the Technology Strategy Board has been appointed to oversee retrofit research. Their £1.5M ‘Retrofit for the Future’ initiative is currently funding 87 pilot projects throughout the UK. Unfortunately, all of those pilots are for single dwellings only; nobody is attempting a ‘whole street retrofit’. To make the deepest carbon savings from the domestic housing stock, the more challenging mixed tenure terraced property market has to be tackled effectively. Solarcrest have developed “Retrofit Street” in response to this need.

Featuring an airtight super-insulated shell with heat recovery ventilation, Retrofit Street brings together technologies normally employed by energy conscious private and commercial developers to the social housing sector. With over 90% of the works completed to the building exterior, Decent Homes refurbishments are largely unaffected and residents can remain in-situ during the upgrade process.

Along with environmental and economic benefits, Retrofit Street connects residents through an innovative co-operative scheme, improving community cohesion and allowing knowledge, plant and services to be shared by stakeholders, thus providing greater value through economies of scale and encouraging further energy and CO2 savings through behavioural change. We believe our solution represents the least cost route to dramatically lower energy consumption within and carbon emissions from hard to treat housing stock.

neighbourhood retrofitProduct Verification

To provide much needed reassurance and peace of mind to social housing providers, Solarcrest offers independent verification by leading energy performance assessors. We have the means to provide comprehensive monitoring to the same Energy Saving Trust standards developed to assess ‘Retrofit for the Future’, including SAP ratings, Code for Sustainable Homes assessment, air pressure testing, thermography, carbon foot printing, temperature, humidity & CO2 tracking. We can provide the data required for true cost benefit analysis.

Energy & Carbon Targets

Solarcrest aim to provide a sustainable and cost effective retrofit package suitable for a wide range of property types, independently verified and good for over 50 years. Our target is to reduce energy consumption, space heating bills and carbon emissions by over 50%, as well as maximising SAP ratings within the allocated budget.

Capital Repayment

Subject to initial capital funding from the likes of CESP, CERT, CSEP, The Carbon Trust or other green investment sources, the key question remains; how are capital costs recovered? Solarcrest partners have developed an innovative ‘Pay As You Save’ solution that connects private and social owner occupiers in a community co-operative. Additional revenue may be generated by Feed-In-Tariffs. We also expect our sustainable 50 year ‘face lift’ to add considerable property value.

Calling RSL Green Champions

As retrofit supplier and lead partner, Solarcrest have built a network of architects, CSH/SAP assessors, energy performance, ICT, communications & co-operative legal professionals. Our specialist installation team can operate throughout the UK, however to keep the project scalable we propose to offer training to existing RSL contractors.

With a costed solution on the table and people in place to deliver it, Solarcrest are now seeking RSL ‘green champions’ with a shared desire to solve the neighbourhood retrofit challenge. If you’re a social housing provider with green aspirations and CO2 targets we’d love to hear from you. Please email