Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
Eliot Warrington, MD & Founder
Forever homes need to be economical homes to be sustainable homes
Ventilate Right
MVHR is the fundemental component of a passive house, as well as Energy Savings Trust best practice. There is no alternative if you want an ultra-low energy property. It's also the first component to plan in, so it's the first product we offer..
..then Build Tight
Expanding breathable foam insulation provides airtightness by default, stopping the leaks that spoil performance. It offers unbeatable sound proofing, saves time, and avoids waste. Try it and you'll soon realise there's no better way to insulate a property.
Complete Eco-Retrofit
For health, comfort, your pocket & the planet

Imagine your property with healthy fresh air delivered to every room at near-room temperature, 24x7. No more odours, excessive moisture, indoor or outdoor air pollution. You need a ventilation system that replaces and cleans your air without losing heat. Connect that to a reversible heat pump and you can warm or cool the air too, efficiently, automatically, and renewably. With our help your home can have near-silent, ultra-low energy, eco-friendly climate control.

Now air-seal the building fabric to prevent heat from escaping, stopping draughts without compromising breathability. Turn your regular walls and roof into a Thermos flask that maintains temperature for very little effort. With our insulation techniques you get passive house comfort quickly and easily, without the usual energy performance gap.

If your priority is energy conservation ahead of generation youíve come to the right place. Just donít leave it too late. The sooner weíre involved with your project the better the outcome.

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Solarcrest†are on a mission to reduce CO2 emissions from the built environment. Itís our goal to minimise the environmental impact of your property, or to put it another way, to help you minimise your energy consumption as much as practically possible. We do that by offering holistic building fabric solutions rather than individual measures in isolation, fitting the best products correctly and in the right order.